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Wild Sound Live Broadcasts

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WSRS Listening session London March-2020 The theme for this week is "wetlands"

WSRS Listening session London February-2020 The theme for this week is "spring"

RSPB West Sedgemoor National Nature Reserve 23rd January 2020 23rd January 2020. This live broadcast is coming to you from RSPB West Sedgemoor National Nature Reserve, Somerset, England.
Unfortunately it is not the quietest of places in the world, but hopefully there will be some teal, wigeon, mallard and golden plovers present. With luck there might even be a crane or 2.
I must thank the staff at West Sedgemoor for allowing me access to their reserve.  P Pratley ℗

Whooper swans feeding time at WWT Caerlaverock 8th December 2019

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