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Cullmann UM2710 Video Head

This is a light-weight, compact and inexpensive video head that works well with an Amberwood or similar reflector, as well as open microphone mountings.

Picture of the Cullmann tripod
Cullmann head, photo Kyle Turner

Chris Edwards writes

When I returned to Hungary in 2004 I wanted to take a lightweight tripod rather than the monopod I used before. My normal tripod was too heavy to consider taking by air. I also have a Cullmann tripod which is much lighter but only has a ball-and-socket head which is inadequate to support a reflector. After much searching I only managed to find heads that were very heavy and needed adaptors to fit onto the column of the Cullmann tripod.

With the help of Roger Ireland, and only days before I was due to leave, I managed to locate the Cullmann distributor in the UK and they were able to supply me with the UM2710. I was initially sceptical about how well this would work given the low price but it turned out to be ideal for use with microphones as it only has pan and tilt movements. In my experience those heads that allow the camera to be moved into a portrait position always work loose when supporting a reflector.

The only small disadvantage is that there is not a positive lock for the quick release so you have to be careful not to move the release lever accidentally. If you can find a suitably sized screw you can insert this into the gap at the hinge end of the lever and thus prevent it opening. Apart from this, the unit worked perfectly both in Hungary and The New Forest.

At about £22 including postage in the UK, this pan-and-tilt head is very good value. Moreover it has the correct size thread to mount directly onto the column of a Cullmann tripod without an adaptor.

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