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Members' Podcasts

If you make a podcast about your sound recording activities please post a link from here:


Dr Ann Jones one of our Australian members post a weekly nature documentary program "Off Track" for Radio National for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). : https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/offtrack/


 Roger Boughton talks to sound artist Jo Kennedy about her work and the use of natural history sounds.


 Podcast No. 1 by Steven Shepard from the USA. This will become a regular feature covering a wide gambit of wildlife sound recording subjects with insights on the American wildlife recording scene. This first programme outlines what Steven intends to do. 


Dr Steven Shepard has a monthly podcast on Soundcloud, you can listen to them all by clicking on the link: Dr Steven Shepard podcasts



Roger Boughton and Tony Baylis discuss how Tony started in wildlife recording and where he thinks the future lies.


An interview with sound recordist and composer Thomas Rex Beverly.

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