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WSRS 2016 Workshop
5th - 8th February North Norfolk

20 members attended the Workshop based at Brancaster Staithe.
Unfortunately the weather was not very kind, as storm Imogen blowing all weekend. This did give the opportunity to record wind under challenging conditions!

Snettisham RSPB nature reserve on a cold and very windy afternoon;
Chris Watson explaining what should happen when the tide push the waders, ducks and geese up the mud flats and the best place to record the spectacle.
Chris Watson and fellow recordists braiving the weather

brent geese starting to gather on the mud to roostBrent geese starting to gather on the mud to roost at dusk

brent geese

Brent and greylag geese flying out onto the mud flats at dusk, in very strong winds.
Nagra LB SASS rig with Primo mics.



Lapwings flying over, batterling against the strong winds.
Nagra LB SASS rig with Primo mics.

This recording was made on 7.2.16 in Brancaster, Norfolk. I was lucky enough to borrow a Telinga parabolic microphone from a friend at the Wildlife Sound Recording Society meeting that we were both attending. I got up early on the Sunday morning to try the Telinga out and to get some much needed exercise. I parked down a lane leading to the beach and the first thing I heard when I opened the door was this Songthrush as clear as day. I scrabbled around for the mic and pressed record. I've left the recording exactly as it was save for a little high pass filter. It was a great moment for a novice recordist with a fancy bit of kit!

Parabolic reflector

SASS rig
2 simultaneous recordings one using a SASS rig using 2 'Brady' mics to the SD702 via a SD302. The parabolic reflector recording was to a Zoom F8, no preamp and the Parabolic had 4 x 'Brady' mics, (2 at the focus and 2 at the front). Recorded at dawn on Snettisham beach.


The Brent Geese flew onto the mud at the edge of The Wash; they were about 400 metres away and in the gusting wind it was only possible to hear them intermittently. With the microphones almost at ground level and sheltering behind a Hawthorne thicket they avoided the worst of the buffeting but they only picked up the geese as they lifted and flew back onto the gravel pits.
2 DPA4060s mounted either side of my hat going to a SD702T.
A very windy WSRS winter field-trip to Norfolk. High tide at the RSPB Snettisham reserve to watch and sound record the 'spectacular'. Not a particularly high high-tide - but the knots did arrive and put on a good display of murmurations despite the gusty wind (to 45mph). Recording outside was rather difficult, to say the least, so I retired to the 'Rotary' bird hide to watch the display and enjoy a thermos of tea. Pammy, my binaural dummy head, recorded the events - I even opened the hide window for few minutes! Pammy the binaural head. EM172 electrets to Sony PCM D100. 24/48.  

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