Wildlife Recording in Stereo - Postscript

This article is years old and yet it is retains most of its relevance. Microphone techniques are summed up comprehensively - with the one exception ofMid-Side. Noise still troubles us. Though the problems of tape hiss, hum and RF interference are less now (barring GSM mobile phones), the problems of man made noise, particularly aircraft noise and traffic noise everywhere are far worse than they were in 1973. 

At the time this was published I was a child experimenting with old open reel recorders and could record the sparrows in my parents' SE London garden. I was troubled by aircraft noise only about every half an hour. Nowadays an aircraft passes every two minutes, and the sparrows have left the city in the last few years.

Many things are better - the section on tape recorders has been overtaken by the advent of digital recording in the 1990s. Our recorders are much cheaper and lighter, and some old distortions that plagued us in the past trouble us no more. Wow and flutter, the need to maximise modulation, tape hiss and modulation noise are tribulations of the past for many recordists.

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