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Nature Recordists - The Nature Recordists group. On location audio field recording of natural soundscapes, from the morning chorus to wind sounds, everything goes. Tips, tricks, gear, trips, nature sounds but also nature awareness. This is the place to just stop, listen and learn. Uploaded videos or sounds must be related in some way to nature AUDIO recording or wild SOUNDSCAPES.


Equipment Suppliers


Sound Libraries

Pages of links to wildlife sound related sites

A range of articles on wildlife sound recording

A selection of sound recordists' websites

Organisations and Societies

Software applications

      • Audacity open source/free audio editor for Windows,Mac and linux operating systems
      • Raven for producing spectrograms, from Cornell (Raven LE is free to use as of 2007)
      • Reaper reasonable priced anad powerful DAWs
      • Adobe Audition Adobe's DAWs application
      • Amadeus Mac only DAWs application
      • IZotope RX Noise reduction and repair application

Weather and airplane flight pages


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