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What equipment you need to start wildlife sound recordings

The links below will help you choose the right recording equipment for you, whether you have a few hundred pounds/dollars or thousands to spend. Select the links below and they will guide you thought what to look for. Also take a look at the Newcomers guide. You can also read some reviews of equipment used by WSRS members.

For anyone interested in wildlife/field sound recording Ian Smith has produced an excellent set of videos tutorials, that will help you to get started. https://moonblink.info/FieldRecording

Recorder; One of the two most important items of equipment. Most recorders these days are digital using solid state medium such as an SD or Flash card to record to.

Microphone; Probably the most important recording item of equipment, like the lens on a camera, the better quality microphone you have the better recording you will make.

Desktop Audio Workstation (DAW); Once you have spent hours in the field recording your subject, you will need to play and edit your recordings, the easiest way to do this is on a computer using a DAWs programme. There a good number programmes you can choose from, some are free, others can cost you thousands of pounds/dollars.

Cables; If you wish to place your mics some way from your recorder, then you will need shielded cables. Depending on your recorder and microphone, you may need either a 2 or 3 cord cable per microphone, or 5 core if you are recording in stereo.

Windshield; One of the biggest problems recording outside is the wind, you will need to protect your microphone from the wild using a wind shield.

Headphones; a must if you wish to monitor what you are recording.

Tripod; To cut down handling noise, it is very useful to mount your microphones on a tripod.

SD or Flash Card; Most recorder now use either one of these types of digital storage. It is worth getting the largest and fastest card your recorder will handle, and buy a reputable make.

Bag; with all the gear listed above, you will need something to carry it all in.

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