Events Report for 2012

WSRS Spring meeting 2012

19- 26 May 2012

As a departure from the usual extended weekend spring field meeting, this year WSRS held a week-long meeting on Islay on the west coast of Scotland. The event was fully subscribed and the recordists enjoyed a superb week of weather in an otherwise disappointing spring. There was sunshine almost every day and on almost every day the wind dropped in the late evening and stayed near calm until well after dawn.

Fantastic, scenery, fantastic recording opportunities (including Corncrake and Chough) and good company, all facilitated by the generous help and guidance of reserve wardens and local bird experts made this one of the best field meetings for many years.


AGM and Members Day at Cottesmore Village Hall, Rutland.

Sat 7 July 2012

The 2012 WSRS Members’ Day and AGM was a terrific success. One of, if not the, highlight of the day was a fantastic presentation by Jez Riley French which revealed a whole new world of recording techniques and approaches through his use of hydrophones and contact mics. Although not all of his recordings were of wildlife they were enjoyable to listen to and even his recordings using ‘pick-ups’ to record electrical signals was relevant to wildlife as they are able to detect sounds in this elevated frequency range. Members were challenged with a Sound Quiz, had the opportunity to buy recording accessories from WSRS and most importantly were able to discuss wildlife sound recording techniques and experiences with other recordists from across Europe.

Listen to the Silver Fox winner

Black Grouse

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