Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group meeting

30th Sept- 5th Oct 2007

Many WSRS members know people from the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group; we bring you this report from the 2007 AWSRG meeting.

Tony and Fiona Baylis hosted the biennial meeting of the AWSRG at their property on Utopia Environment Reserve near Biggenden.  This meeting held every two years at a different location attracted some twenty plus people, from overseas and interstate.  Four people attended from the USA and three from the UK.  The meeting is held to exchange ideas and new developments in the field of wildlife sound recording and to present talks about animal vocalizations.  

Guest speakers are also invited, this year Doug Shultz and a colleague from the Maryborough branch of the QPWS spoke about the natural history of Mt. Walsh and the surrounding State Forests.  Harry Hines from Brisbane QPWS spoke about the frogs of the area and led a group to search for frogs in the dams and creeks at UER; he identified 13 species of frogs in one evening.  The area being at the cusp of northern and southern populations of some species of frogs and native toads makes it especially interesting.  

Professor Donald Kroodsma of the USA gave a talk on why birds sing, a complex subject that has many facets.  Greg Budney curator of the Macualay Library of Natural Sound, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, USA, gave a talk about the library collection and the importance of collecting sounds here and all around the world.  Other talks were given on technical aspects of sound recording and subsequent cataloguing of data.  

There were wonderful accounts of people’s experiences recording in such places as Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and India.  Talks on the predawn calls of our native honeyeaters and the Pied Butcherbird were especially relevant; these calls are quite different to their usual daytime songs and calls.  

The programme allowed plenty of time for those attending to make sound recordings around UER and to walk in Mt Walsh NP to see the outstanding rock pools and just observe the abundant wildlife of the area. 

Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group photo

Large group photo, left to right standing.
Bob Tomkins, Vic.  Sarah Skeoch, Vic.  David Stewart, Qld.  Judy Wiles, Qld.  Ed McNab, Vic.  Peter and Jenny Beasley, UK.  Greg Budney, USA.  Bill Wrankin, Qld.  Howard Plowright, Vic.  Prof. Don Kroodsma, USA.  Fred van Gessel, NSW.  Wid Barnes, Qld.  Neil Boucher, Qld.  Roger Charters, UK.  Fiona and Tony Baylis, Qld.
Left to right kneeling.
Gayle Johnson, Qld.  Andrew Skeoch, Vic.  Greg and Sydney Clark, USA. June Boucher, Qld.

ASWRG, Eagle Gully UER

Smaller group photo, taken in Eagle Gully UER, left to right.
Bob Tomkins, Vic.  Gayle Johnson, Qld.  Greg Budney, USA.  Roger Charters, UK.  Dave Stewart, Qld.  Prof. Don Kroodsma, USA.  Sydney Clark, USA.  Neil Boucher, Qld.  Judy Wiles, Qld.

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