WSRS Local meeting

Breaston Derbyshire

photo: G B Thomas FRPS

Phil Rudkin's recording of the Marsh/Perez Frog[1]

19 members, plus hosts, attended the sixth Local Meeting on the 25th February at the home of our hosts, Alan Burbidge and Teresa Grieve.

Morning was spent discussing techniques, field craft, also equipment was being shown, i.e. the DPA Windpac, a new lightweight microphone windshield system.

Also Sharon O'Gorman was demonstrating the Nagra ARES - M recorder

After dinner, the always-fascinating session was held. This is a forum where members bring along a wildlife sound recording, and these are played for the audience, to give their opinion on quality, fieldcraft, and the identification of the species. The sounds are played and the recordists not revealed until the members have discussed the relevant details.

At this meeting some of the sounds included a wide range, such as: Chinese Water Deer from How Hill, in the Norfolk Broads, European Tree Frogs from Hungary, Red winged Blackbirds and Swainsons Thrush in North America, Marsh Frogs from Southern France, a superb Dawn Chorus from a woodland in Shropshire, with a dominant Redstart, and Rutting Red Deer, in Bradgate Park, Leicester. These are just a selection of the superb sounds that members have captured

Philip Rudkin


The sound is of Marsh Frogs or it could be Perez Frog or a hybridisation of the two

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