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    In 2018 the society celebrated its Golden Anniversary, 50 years 1968 - 2018
    It is the probably the oldest and largest wildlife recording society in the world, with members from most continents. (click image for for more details)

  • WSRS Members' Winter Field Meeting 6th - 9th December 2019
    WSRS Members' Winter Field Meeting 6th - 9th December 2019

    Geese, swans, ducks, kites and much more, a return visit to WWT Caerlaverock, on the Solway, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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    Click on the image above to listen to recordings from around the world made by WSRS members. (click image for for more details)

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WSRS Restricted Section winner 2017 Tony Fullford

Four-banded Sandgrouse at dusk, Jali Quarry waterhole, Kiang West, The Gambia, 18th Nov 2017. 4 banded sandgrouse
Rode NT1a pair to Sound Devices MIXPRE3 Four-banded Sandgrouse are scattered in pairs across the bush during the day.  After sunset they take to the air calling to one another, gathering in large flocks to visit waterholes.  Read more...

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