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    In 2018 the society celebrated its Golden Anniversary, 50 years 1968 - 2018
    It is the probably the oldest and largest wildlife recording society in the world, with members from most continents. (click image for for more details)

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A warm welcome to the
Wildlife Sound Recording Society (WSRS).

In 2018 the society celebrated its
Golden Anniversary, 50 years 1968 - 2018

The Society welcomes anyone who is interested in or has an appreciation of the sounds made by wildlife and the natural world.

Core aims of the society are to:

  • Encourage participation in the collection of these wonderful sounds of the natural world.
  • To help promote the need to understand their meanings.

Through its members, the Society fosters development in:

  • Recording skills and techniques
  • Promoting the study of bioacoustics.

Members of WSRS benefit from learning

  • How to go about recording wildlife sounds,
  • How to find good recording locations,
  • Field craft,
  • Natural Hstory
  • What equipment to use,
  • What to do with your recordings

You can listen to Radio WSRS free streaming of wildlife recordings made by WSRS members from around the world.

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