• carousel slider it is the oldest and largest wildlife recording society in the world, with members from most continents.
  • carousel slider Autumn field meeting for geese and wader spectacular,
    staying at Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk
  • WSRS Workshop 14th October 2017 Wicken Fen
  • carousel slider Geese, swans kites and much more,
    a return visit to WWT Caerlaverock, on the Solway, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
  • WSRS Workshop
  • WSRS Sound Competition Look out your recordings to enter this years WSRS members' competition. Closing date 31 Dec 2017
Up and coming events:
  • WSRS Members' Autumn Field Meeting 6th - 9th October 2017, Norfolk
  • WSRS Eastern Regional Meeting 14th October 2017, Wicken Fen
  • WSRS Members' Winter Field Meeting 8th - 10th December 2017, WWT Caerlaverock
  • A warm welcome to the
    Wildlife Sound Recording Society (WSRS).

    The Society welcomes anyone who is interested in or has an appreciation of the sounds made by wildlife and the natural world.

      A core aim of the society is to:
    • Encourage participation in the collection of these wonderful sounds of the natural world.
    • To help promote the need to understand their meanings.
    • Through its members, the Society fosters development in:
    • Recording skills and techniques
    • Promoting the study of bioacoustics.
    • Members of WSRS benefit from learning
    • About how to go about recording wildlife sounds,
    • Where to go,
    • Field craft.
    • What equipment to use,
    • What to do with your recordings

    New to wildlife sound recording? Take a look at our newcomer's guide to find out what you need to get started at a modest cost.

    Chris Watson WSRS President
    The Society is proud and honoured to have as its president the acclaimed wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson. Chris is well-known across the world for his recordings which have featured in many natural history programmes on radio and television including the BBC’s series ‘Frozen Planet’ with David Attenborough which won a BAFTA Award for ‘Best Factual Sound’ (2012). http://www.chriswatson.net
    Silver Fox
    Wildlife Sound Recording Society Competition

    is in receipt of generous sponsorship from Sound Network
    The Sound Network Prize of 2 DPA SMK4060 microphones goes to the overall winner of the competition.

    To listen to the recording click here.

    Sound Network
    Coveted Wildlife Sound Recording Society “Silver Fox” Trophy
    has been awarded to Robert Malpas for his recording of "Evening at a Moroccan Marsh".

    Robert writes "The marsh was at Barrage Imi-N-Laârba, near the town of Aït Ouri, 50km from Marrakesh. Arriving at 6pm, we were disappointed to discover so many people enjoying the warm, sunny evening. Undeterred, we found a quiet and sheltered spot, set-up the microphones and waited for darkness. This recording was made with a pair of MKH406's arranged ORTF in a homemade wind cage placed on a tripod in the reed bed. The recorder used was a Fostex FR-2LE. The competition entry was taken from a 2-hour recording.
    As well as Cicadas, the main species heard are the deeper-voiced Berber Toads (Amietophrynus mauritanicus), Sahara Frog (Pelophyllax saharicus) and the rasping sounds of Mediterranean Tree Frogs (Hyla meridionalis)."


    Our Restricted Category competition was generously sponsored by Wildlife Watching Supplies with the gift of a voucher to spend on-line.

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