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MiniDisc - Audio comparison


Rob Danielson, of the University of Winsconsin-Milwaukee Film Department performed audio tests at low SPL levels comparing a Sony MZ-NH900/Rolls PB244 phantom PSU (a different model from my NH600) with a Sound Devices 722 and a M-Audio Microtrack, fed with Rode NT1A mics. These have a lower noise (5dB SPL A weighted ref 1Pa)[1] than the MKH40 (10dB SPL A weighted ref 1Pa)[2] but the same sensitivity so this audio test will highlight differences in the preamp noise level more.

Rob has kindly given me permission to link to his results, which are on http://www.uwm.edu/~type/Mic%20Preamps/MicroTrack_NH900_722Compare2.mov

Richard M

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