Leaving the Grouse Unattended

I like a challenge, and sound recording on the huge open heather moorlands of Northumberland can create several – not just the wind and bad weather, but the fact the birds are generally a long, long way away. And one bird that creates a particular difficulty is the Red Grouse. This iconic […]

Follow-up on Deepdale Workshop

The beach

Those who attended the recent WSRS Workshop in Norfolk will know that we discussed how to record in close-up even when faced with a ‘big location’. The weather wasn’t kind enough for me to demonstrate this at Burnham Deepdale, but shortly after returning home I was back on the coast […]

Stymied in Serendib

We’ve just returned from three wonderful weeks in Sri Lanka – beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful food, fantastic wildlife. And nicely hot too: 30 degrees Celsius is a lot more attractive than 30 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of a British winter. One of the highlights of the trip was […]