Home from Holm

It was a long 400 mile, 7 hour drive from Marloes at the tip of Pembrokeshire back to Newcastle upon Tyne, but the going was made much easier by happy memories of the previous week on Skokholm for the WSRS 2016 Spring Meeting. Twelve of us had a very rewarding time, in spite of the frustrations of the moonlit skies, strong winds and heavy rain.

I’ll be writing a full report for the Journal, but in the meantime here are a few of my own recordings.

My hit list for the week was a Big Four:

1. Puffin in burrow

2. Storm Petrel in burrow

3. Manx Shearwater in burrow

4. Manx Shearwater above ground

So I’m pleased to say that I reached my target, though, like everyone else, with some difficulty.

Although the elements were definitely against us, we enjoyed the excellent accommodation and facilities, the support of the wardens, Richard & Giselle, with some good bird watching and the chance to discuss – at length – all matters pertaining to wildlife sound recording. For me it was the fulfilment of a childhood desire to visit this island, and WSRS provided this golden opportunity to spend a week in isolation from human interference, surrounded by some spectacular scenery and wildlife.

Just don’t mention The Drone…

I can’t wait to go back.

Simon Elliott

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