Follow-up on Deepdale Workshop

The beach

The beach

Those who attended the recent WSRS Workshop in Norfolk will know that we discussed how to record in close-up even when faced with a ‘big location’. The weather wasn’t kind enough for me to demonstrate this at Burnham Deepdale, but shortly after returning home I was back on the coast in Northumberland, faced with a perfect day of blue sky, calm sea, lots of waders – but a BIG beach.

After plenty of observation I placed a pair of spaced omni Brady mics on my buzz bar and mini bank stick, shoved them into the mud on the edge of the receding tide, put my LS-10 on a fixed manual gain level in a small dry bag, and walked away. The birds weren’t at all perturbed by the mics (or the red bag).

Mics and dry bag

First a group of Ringed plover strolled by:

Ringed plover

Then I walked up a small flock of Sanderling, which fed and chattered around the mics:

Sanderling flock

All completed within the hour.

I think most people would approach this situation with a parabolic reflector, but as we discussed at the Workshop, with a bit of effort and imagination it is possible to work a big space with a close mic.

Simon Elliott

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