British WSRS members will know just how bad 2012 has been so far, at least since April Fool’s Day. Those of us in the North East of England have experienced rain and floods of Biblical proportions. So there’s not been much opportunity to record anything but rapidly, vertically falling water for the last few months. May and June normally find me in a tent somewhere in an isolated forest, enjoying recording the calls of raptors. This year, this was the sound inside my Vango:

      Rain on tent in Scotland

So why is it, when we’re so fed up with this weather at home, that some of us spend our hard-earned cash to travel far across the world to record the sounds of…RAIN? It’s the same H2O, but do these rainforests of St Lucia really sound so much better than the dripping woodlands of Northumberland?

      ST Lucia rainforest

And only last month, I was getting really excited – and soaked to the skin – by recording a spectacular thunderstorm in the beautiful Bamboo Path near Kyoto, Japan.

      Bamboo path thunder

Please, please can I have a nice, calm, typical, DRY, day to record the normal sounds of the Northumberland coast in summer, like these Sandwich Terns over Hauxley?

      Sandwich tern July



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