Silent Listening

Silent Listening is a well-crafted blog put together by German-based sound artist and composer Andreas Bick. There is much to entertain and interest the sound recordist here, especially the section devoted to field recordings. Here you can listen to a range of samples, from the underwater sounds of the Dümmer See to the enclosed atmsophere of the Ear of Dionysius, an artificial limestone cave found on the island of Sicily.

Bick has also recently released Fire and Frost Pattern, which focuses on the extreme worlds of fire and ice. Writing on the Gruenrekorder website, Bick states:

“The twin works Fire Pattern and Frost Pattern examine the sound worlds of extreme temperatures: beginning with the loudest sound event in each case – volcanic eruption, iceberg collision – the various intermediate states of hot and cold are explored in acoustic terms, embedded in two similar compositional sequences. For both pieces, the field recordings of natural phenomena were subjected to subtle modifications and sonic transformations, and woven into an abstract sound structure that offers a sensory experience of the forces exerted by fire and ice.”
Excerpts from the publication can be heard on the Gruenrekorder site and a free download of a related ice recording can be found here.


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