Lynx recordings

The sort of terrain in the vicinity of where the Lynx were found, high in the mountains, close to forest. However, they chose to call from the shelter of a boulder field above a mountain river.

We were fortunate enough to be recording wildlife sounds In The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in May this year. By chance we came across a pair of Lynx (Lynx lynx) apparently mating. This was unusual in two respects, (i) the animals are very rare (and rarely seen) and (ii) they apparently mate in the winter months – not in the spring. Interestingly the Lynx is the national symbol of The Republic of Macedonia. We managed to make recordings of the pair over a period of about an hour. However, they were quite distant, hidden in a boulder field under which roared a mountain river  in full spate.


So getting a good signal from their calls was almost impossible. With the help of some sound-editing software and the input of a fair amount of time, the calls were extracted from the noisy background. Whilst the calls are still compromised by the loss of transients, they sound much better following the elimination of the water roar and the addition of a more ‘gentle’ background.  Here are two recordings, a cut from the field recording and a processed recording. What do you think?

      Lynx with forest

Reynard and Prolix

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