The Bubbling Beach

Here’s a novelty…

I was recording this morning at Hauxley, Northumberland (warm and sunny, nice whimbrel, knot and roseate terns – shame about the F-15s) when I noticed that the beach around me was making a significant contribution to the soundscape.

At first I thought that the bubbling noise was coming from lugworm burrows, but then I realised that I’d never heard lugworm burrows make a noise, and that the sound was coming from just a small area of beach.

Closer inspection revealed that the sand had covered a mass of fermenting kelp, that was producing a constant stream of foul-smelling gas bubbles through the sand.

So I dug a hole for my DolphinEar Pro hydrophone, and this is the result:

      Fermenting seaweed

Isn’t Nature wonderful!


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