Sometimes work and pleasure come together. In my case, both involve sound.

Last week I logged on to the European Society of Radiology website to check some ultrasound medical conference info, and was thrilled to be greeted by an intro splashscreen featuring birdsong.

Sadly, I immediately recognised a Song Sparrow in the habitat recording. Here was a proud professional European organisation advertising itself with a generic North American soundtrack (well, how would they know?!)

Naturally, I e-mailed the site to complain, and offered one of my own recordings from the UK, which I am pleased to say they were thrilled to accept.

So now if you go to you can hear a Northumbrian dawn chorus in its rightful place (I also put in a Roe deer bark as a signature call; our annual conference is in Vienna, and Austrians do like a bit of “Reh” for dinner…)


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