On 17th June the British Library released the latest title in its audio publications programme. ‘Waves: the sounds of Britain’s shores’ visits 12 coastal locations around the UK and provides the listener with a varied collection of recordings that demonstrate the contrasting nature of our shoreline. Previous British Library titles, such as ‘Coastal Birds’ and ‘Sounds of the British Coastline’, have leaned more towards the variety of wildlife that can be encountered along our edges of our island, whereas ‘Waves’ focuses solely on the pure sounds of the sea.

So many elements influence the overall soundscape one experiences when visiting a beach or shoreline. The type of substrate, gradient, weather conditions and position of the moon, all play a role in creating the unqiue acoustic environment that is encountered. The following excerpt is taken from a recording made by Paul Duck at Whitesand Bay, Cornwall, after the passing of a storm.

      after the storm excerpt

A big thank you to all the WSRS members who kindly granted us permission to feature their fantastic recordings on our CD.


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