Sounds of the Natural World has to be one of my favourite natural history blogs at the moment. Since 2008, freelance ornithologist and sound recordist Patrick Franke has been sharing his wildlife experiences with followers. The strap line of his site is simply “a blog dedicated to wild sounds” and this sums up the content perfectly. Over the past three years, Patrick has posted a wonderful selection of sounds and stories, the majority of which are accompanied by beautiful images from photographers Mathias Putze and Marcus Held.

Many of the posts are dedicated to avian encounters, either around his native Leipzig or during his European travels. The site is not restricted to birds alone though, and there are several nice examples of mammals, insects and amphibians. The recording of Fire-bellied Toads (Bombina bombina) made at the Papitzer Lachen nature reserve in eastern Germany is particularly lovely.

My favourite post documents his experiences on the Isle of Greifswalder Oie in the Baltic Sea. Patrick spent the second half of December 2010 on the snow-covered island and made a series of environmental and species recordings. If you only have time to listen to one of these recordings, I’d recommend going for cave under ice. This recording is just stunning.

So why not stop by every now and then and see what’s been happening in the wildlife-filled world of Patrick Franke.



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