A warm welcome to the Wildlife Sound Recording Society (WSRS) website.
The Society welcomes anyone who is interested in or has an appreciation of the sounds made by wildlife.

A core aim of the society is to encourage participation in the collection of these wonderful sounds, and to promote the need to understand their meanings.

Through its members, the Society fosters developing recording skills and techniques as well as promoting the study of bioacoustics. Members of WSRS benefit from learning about how to go about recording wildlife sounds, where to go, what equipment to use, what to do with the sounds that have been captured, as well as being alerted to some of the pit-falls to avoid.

New to wildlife sound recording? Take a look at our newcomer's guide to find out what you need to get started at a modest cost.

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When you have reviewed the website, we hope that you will see the many benefits of joining WSRS so that you can develop your interest into a hugely fulfilling pastime. Why not join with the rest of us in capturing and listening to the sounds of nature to experience and learn more about the spectacular natural world about us.

We look forward to meeting with you all.

Chris Watson becomes new WSRS President

The Society is proud and honoured to welcome the acclaimed wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson as its President. Chris is well-known across the world for his recordings which have featured in many natural history programmes on radio and television including the BBC’s series ‘Frozen Planet’ with David Attenborough which won a BAFTA Award for ‘Best Factual Sound’ (2012). http://www.chriswatson.net

WSRS Members Day and Annual General Meeting 2014

The WSRS AGM and Members' Day 2014 was a resounding success. Not only was there a packed audience for the event but also it was a delight and an honour to welcome acclaimed wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson as WSRS's incoming president. He is the latest in an illustrious line of presidents leading back to that famous pioneer of wildlife sound recording Ludvig Koch. Chris gave an illuminating and fascinating talk on his adventures in the Antarctic with the focus on natural sounds delivered in Surround Sound. WSRS is a truly global society clearly demonstrated by members travelling from as far away as Australia, Germany and Italy just to be at the meeting. One of the attractions of Members' Day is that it is not just about attending the meeting, it is far more about sharing experience and expertise in a welcoming and friendly society populated by enthusiasts.

WSRS is immensely grateful to its competition sponsors Sound Network and Wildlife Watching Supplies for their generous support. The entrants recordings were as always of an exceptionally high standard and posed a significant challenge for the judges in selecting the winning entries.
Click here for the Silver Fox winner press release. Click here to read the Reserved Competition press release.

Summer of WildlifeSummer of Wildlife at the
Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum invited WSRS to take part in their Big Nature Day. This was a great opportunity for WSRS to network with the public and organisations involved in many aspects of wildlife conservation. Despite the soaring temperatures, there was a constant flow of young families and wildlife enthusiasts through the exhibition stalls, with a total of over 4000 people visiting the event. Children in particular were keen to listen to our recordings, with insect and underwater sounds being the biggest hits.

Many people take sound for granted and it is a poor relation to film and video, hopefully through this event and other outreach activities, such as a presence at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust events at the London Wetlands Centre, WSRS is starting to redress the balance.

Spring field meeting, May 2014, Lundy Island

WSRS recordists gathered in Ilfracombe in early-May to embark on a ferryboat journey to the island on Lundy in the Bristol Channel for the WSRS annual spring field meeting - this year extend to span an entire week.

The weather was sunny but with a wind to challenge the best of mic windshields. Evenso, good sound recordings were made of the island’s wildlife including Manx Shearwater, Sika Deer, Grey Seals, Pygmy Shrew, House Sparrows and various gulls.

The warm welcoming nature of the society ensured that newer and established recordists shared information freely on recording hot-spots, equipment and recording tips


Sound Network The annual Wildlife Sound Recording Society Competition is in receipt of generous sponsorship from Sound Network The Sound Network Prize goes to the best recording in the competition.

In 2014 the prize was won by Tony Baylis for his superb Montekeleary Creek recording. To listen to the recording click here.

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Our Restricted Category competition was generously sponsored by Wildlife Watching Supplies with the gift of a voucher to spend on-line. The overall winner was a recording of Golden Jackal.

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